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paranoid adj : suffering from paranoia n : a person afflicted with paranoia [syn: paranoiac]

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  1. Of, related to, or suffering from paranoia
  2. Exhibiting extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others
    Maybe I'm paranoid, but that doesn't mean that they are not out to get me.


Of, related to, or suffering from paranoia
Exhibiting extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others


  1. Someone suffering from paranoia


Someone suffering from paranoia



  1. paranoid

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Paranoia is a mental illness involving delusional fear for oneself
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brain-damaged, brain-injured, catatoniac, catatonic, certifiable, certifiable case, disturbed, manic-depressive, mental, mental case, mentally ill, mentally sick, neurotic, paranoiac, psycho, psychopath, psychopathic, psychopathic case, psychopathic personality, psychotic, schiz, schizo, schizoid, schizophrenic, schizy
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